Budget-Friendly Solutions for Small Yards

You can have one of the best patios Perth has in your small yard. Limited space is no problem with design ideas inspired by premier outdoor experts like Platinum Outdoors. Here are some hand-picked cost-effective designs that maximize space for optimum comfort and functionality.

Spice Up Your Landscape

The food and haven combo in one space is possible if you literally spice up your landscape. Gardening with your favorite edibles and relaxing with the best patios in Perth solves your landscaping and cooking woes. Instead of the usual ornamental, choose from among your favorite vegetables, fruits and spices. Or you can also mix both decorative and edibles for a perfect practical landscaped garden. For a healthier lifestyle, you can also go organic and even save by skipping the market or grocery store. Install a patio or outdoor kitchen to complete the look of your garden.

Family Fun and Lots of Sun

The great weather in Perth makes the outdoors a great place to spend some quality family time. If you have small space inside your house, you can extend your living space in your small yard. No need to build a new play room. Invest in low-maintenance lawn and a tree. Partner with a good builder of open patio Perth has and create a space to entertain guests or dine with family. Set-up a play corner for the kids where they can play and you can watch. Its a practical way to have family activities without going to resorts.  Check Platinum Outdoors for more details.

Rustic is Authentic

The rustic theme can easily naturally add character to any small space without spending a lot on luxury furniture. A side yard can instantly transform into a miniature picnic/camp site. For authentic rustic look, use salvaged wood planks and boards to create a large table and seating. For easy maintenance, you can opt for pebbled lawn. Dine and hang-out outside without the big chore of clean-up afterwards. You can also look for the best timber patios Perth has for a rustic-themed backyard.

Oasis From The Heat and Stress

One of the most popular patios Perth Wa has is the backyard oasis. An urban cemented patio can be your haven from the heat. And your cramped loft can instantly double with your personalized space outside. Create a mellow ambiance with your choice of outdoor plants and flowers. Mix and match your landscape with comfortable chairs or coffee tables for that instant retreat and solace from bustle.

Beach In Your Yard

A deck or patio, a large umbrella and a beach chair right in your backyard can give you a space to walk barefoot and bask in the sun. Keep the space open and breezy choosing weathered-color timbers to give that beach deck feel while you sip your favorite pina coladas. Surround your deck with plants such as succulents and cuttings which make bold enhancements with minimal care required. For a coastal feel, you can add table and chairs for two and a romantic fire pit.

For more details about the best patios Perth has, check out Platinum Outdoors at http://platinumoutdoors.com.au. Look for your favorite home exterior designs and consult the company for design ideas suitable to your space and lifestyle.