The Benefits of Adding Skylights on Any Modern Home

Providing a space for skylights in a modern home may be a case-to-case basis. One person’s preference of having them may not be of another’s. However, these custom skylights built in some homes in Australia give significant benefits for the home owners. In fact, these won’t be installed if they don’t.

What is a Skylight?

Skylights are arrangements of windows (usually on roofs and upper walls) made for the purpose of transmitting sunlight into the building, creating a wide lighting coverage during the day. Based on history, the Ancient Roman architecture first invented the concept of “oculus” in domes, and has been used since the industrial revolution when glass production became part of the trend. Today, commercial skylights are made available not only for architectural and interior design purposes but also for energy conservation.

What are the Common Types of Skylights?

There are at least three common types of skylights wherein every one of them is useful for residential buildings. On the other hand, the most common types of custom skylights, such as the hip ridge and barrel vault skylights are most appropriately built for commercial buildings.

These and other types of a skylight, such as Velux windows bring natural light into the living space. Compared to vertical windows, these provide up to approximately 30% more sunlight into a certain room. Find out what are the most common types of skylight.

  • Fixed Skylight – this is installed for the purpose of providing additional source of light into the room. It is usually made of glass and is good for attics and stairwells.
  • Ventilating Skylight – Aside from providing additional source of sunlight into a dark space in a house, this is also made like a literal window that can be opened to give ventilation. Most of modern houses have this type of skylight and is operated electronically.
  • Tubular Skylight – This is the most modern type of skylight. It has a circular design that usually measures 10 to 14 inches in diametre and acts like a light bulb. So far, this is the most cost-effective as it majorly eliminates the use of electrical lighting during the day. This is usually built in hallways, closets, and poorly lit rooms.

Why Building a Skylight is Beneficial?

  1. Energy efficiency

Allowing the light from the sun to get inside a room is one excellent way to slowly cut energy usage, thus helping the environment revive itself from the damage caused by man-made conveniences.

2. Effective ventilation

Instead of using a ceiling fan or air conditioner during the day or on a windy afternoon, why not open the skylight and enjoy a bountiful dose of fresh air?

3. Help cut energy cost

Energy conservation means money saved. Incorporating custom skylights inside a building is a great way to cut unwanted living or production costs.

4. Optimal light source during daytime

Getting enough natural light is not only good for our skin, but also for our overall wellbeing. Balancing the light inside a living space can make the body relaxed and refreshed.

The Cost of Building Skylights

The construction of skylights may require enough money for the job. However, finding the right and trustworthy maker, such as of skylights and roof windows Melbourne can offer is the best way to cut general living expenses in the long run.

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