Smart Ways to Improve Your Patio

The lovely Perth weather is best enjoyed with a beautiful patio outdoors designed by experts such as Perth Better Homes. It is, thus, high time to partner with the best home builders that specialize in building quality and distinctly tasteful patios if you do not have one. If you have a patio that needs improvement, these smart tips can help add personality to your outdoor space.

Go Green 

Good landscaping can liven up a plain patio. Lush blooms in bold colors can brighten up your space perfect for the warm season. Green foliage can also refresh the tired soul and enliven a flat yard. A vertical garden, which is popular for small spaces, can also fill-up spaces and cover a dull view.  Many patio builders in Perth Wa also specialize in landscaping techniques that can help you wisely use plants to boost the look and improve the environment your outdoor addition.

Add Screens and Shades

The soft sunlight and gentle breeze in your patio can mimic the natural relaxing outdoor ambiance. Too much of the elements, however, can dampen you and your guests’ mood. But, you can maintain that cozy environment outdoors with screens and shades. For example, designs from Perth Better Homes include patios with intricate wooden screens and colorful fabric shades that serve to block too much sun and wind and enhance the overall patio look at the same time.

Choose Beautiful Solid Flooring

A well-planned and laid out patio is greatly dependent on solid flooring. You can invest in attractive tiles and bricks instead of plain concrete to make your outdoor area a perfect place to entertain and awe guests. Your beautifully-designed flooring is also a good investment. Many of the best patio installers Perth has offer quality tiles and bricks that can give an aesthetic boost to your outdoor space to last for years.

Illuminate With Style

The outdoors looks beautiful during the day. However, it can also be filled with wonder and mystique at night. The appropriate lights can add dramatic shadows and contrasting glows during the cover of dark. You can also hire patio builders in Perth to incorporate soft patio lights creating a magical relaxing atmosphere ideal for gatherings, dinners and hang-outs after work.

Critically Pick Furniture and Accessories 

A great way to make the patio a perfect place to sit, chat and relax is by adding carefully-planned furniture and accessories. As a tip, plan your furniture based on their function. If you wish to have an outdoor dining area, choose a dining table and seats appropriate for your crowd. If you wish to have space for solace, invest in a comfortable chair or sofa and side table. Next, choose a theme to guide you in picking the right furniture with the right design. Throw in some colorful pillows, rugs, containers and other decorative to complete the look. Many builders of patio have expert designers that can help you decide on the right furniture and accessories.

You can improve your patio personally with these helpful tips in mind. And you can also hire premier designers such as Perth Better Homes for the perfect patio that is the talk-of-the-town. For more details, you can look into their design catalogue at

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